Enduro (XC) Bikes - Designed for long distances, with lighter more efficient builds. Many of these bikes are on sale now, and can be used for almost any trail or mountain activity. XC bikes are my personal favorite for overall use.

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Bump Rock Bikes - Mountain Bikes running the rocky course, along trails and hillsides across America. Single Track, Enduro (XC), Trail, Downhill, Freeride and All Mountain. This activity requires endurance, self reliance and determination. Mountain biking has developed into a major sport cycling category, including recreational and professional riders.

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Mountain Bike Brands include Yeti, Jamis, Ibis, Banshee, Evil, Diamondback, GT, Intense,

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Yeti Mountain Bikes are Ride Driven

Yeti is an American bicycle manufacturer founded in Golden, Colorado. The company was founded on the big idea that they would only build bikes that they wanted to ride. Having begun in 1985, Yeti was at the forefront of mountain biking as we now know it. To this day, Yeti embodies the spirit of mountain biking, as each year they continue innovate in the bike space and push the limits of what used to seem impossible.

The folks at Yeti are a family of mountain bike riding men and women who love bikes, building each with attention paid to even the smallest of details. Each derailleur hanger is imprinted with the Yetiman  furry bike icon. Their cable routing is so artfully done, with custom alloy cable clamps so tiny and well-placed, that you'll forget the bike is adorned with a mess of hoses and housing. And when you buy a Yeti, rest assured you'll be riding a bike with a (head) badge of honor, and its distinctive turquoise accents will earn respect from those in the know.

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